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Transform your meeting culture with help from the world’s best business leaders. With grok's battle-tested meeting templates and metrics-based coaching, you will master the art of meeting.

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Try meeting templates from the best minds in business.

  • Elon Musk
    Tesla, Founder and CEO

    How meetings happen at Tesla...that is, if you still want to be employed by the next one.

  • Bozoma Saint John
    CMO, Netflix

    She doesn't believe in bringing her laptop to meetings. And you won't catch her looking at her watch either.

  • Arianna Huffington
    Huffington Post, Founder

    How a broken cheekbone in 2007 changed Arianna Huffington's entire work philosophy

  • Marc Gauthier
    Head of Engineering, Back Market

    An engineering department meeting that people will look forward to and that goes beyond simple team and company updates

  • Lisa Su
    AMD, CEO

    How Lisa Su performed one of the most miraculous turnarounds in tech–by "running towards problems."

  • Gary Vaynerchuk
    VaynerMedia, CEO

    Here are the core leadership principles that drive Gary Vaynerchuk, the foul-mouthed, former "hustler kid" who built a media empire.

  • Satya Nadella
    Microsoft, CEO

    How a focus on EQ gave Microsoft a second life and made it the place everyone in tech wants to work

  • Steve Jobs
    Apple, Co-founder/CEO

    How he transformed strategic planning at Apple with a single email.

  • Karen Shih
    Calendly, Product Management Lead

    An expert facilitator's recipe for driving cross-functional communication, minimizing friction, and getting results

  • Julie Zhuo
    Facebook, Former VP of Design

    Understanding the difference between management and leadership.

  • Patty McCord
    Netflix, Chief Talent Officer

    How two simple questions boosted Netflix meeting productivity

Meeting templates from the best business leaders

Start with a meeting template from one of your industry heroes, then learn to create your own productive 1:1s, post-mortems, onboarding sessions, and more.

All-in-one collaboration platform

Built to optimize the time you spend with your team so you can meet less and achieve more.


decline in employee engagement last year alone


of work meetings are actually unproductive and inefficient


of people are never trained on how to run a meeting

So you're happy with your calendar and video meeting software? All good.

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Before your meeting

Our templates are the perfect place to start your new objective-driven meeting.

Each template uses an agenda outline with clear sections and actionable talking points, maximizing your team's time.


During your meeting

You can host your meeting on your favorite virtual meeting platform or you can use grok. Our mission control plays well with others.

Either way, grok will keep one eye on the agenda and another on the clock, so your meeting stays on track, and you can focus on more important things, like your objectives.


After your meeting

Every time you meet using grok, you'll receive a permanent link to the meeting content with action item follow-ups and an a holistic meeting analysis, complete with feedback from attendees.

With grok's help, you'll set meetings your team members look forward to. Not because there are fewer of them, just because they're good meetings.


The big picture

Track engagement and the effectiveness of__ every meeting__ with a dashboard that covers all the metrics you need to spot trends and better understand how to elevate your meeting culture.


Build strong meeting culture

Give your organization the meeting templates they need to get stuff done: grok fixes communication gaps, keeps meetings on track, and allows your teams to rally around (and work toward) a common goal.

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities. Grok helps me conduct meetings with action-oriented agendas while providing me a home base for the rich conversations those meetings produce.

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  • When Lisa Su took over at AMD, she performed one of the most miraculous turnarounds in tech, reimagining the company's go-to-market strategy and sending their value skyrocketing.


    Lisa Su


  • Karen Shih is an expert at facilitating meetings. In her role leading a team of Technical Project Managers at Calendly, productive cross-functional communication is critical.


    Karen Shih

    Project Management Lead Calendly

  • A late night collapse and broken cheekbone in 2007 changed Arianna Huffington's entire work philosophy when she realized burnout doesn't have to be inevitable.


    Ariana Huffington

    Founder, CEO Huffington Post

  • “I’m an entrepreneur immigrant from the former Soviet Union. I grew up a hustler kid in Jersey. I’m all those cliche things: cursing, competitive, feisty, hungry, ambitious.”


    Gary Vaynerchuk

    CEO, VaynerMedia VaynerX

  • When Satya Nadella took over at Microsoft, his focus on emotional intelligence gave Microsoft a second life. EQ has become something of a superpower.

    Learn more

    Satya Nadella

    CEO Microsoft

  • In several interviews since, Bezos has called banning PowerPoint decks the smartest thing Amazon ever did. Why not have everyone complete the reading prior to meeting?


    Jeff Bezos

    CEO, Founder Amazon

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