Karen Shih


Project Management Lead



Karen Shih super power is facilitating actionable conversations. In her role leading a team of technical project managers at Calendly, productive cross-functional communication is critical. Meetings need to be spaces for people to be authentic, but also allow everyone to focus on the a common objective.

Here's a sample of one of her go-to agendas:

Keep Things Constructive

Sometimes, discussions or debates can get heated. Being in a room with a group of passionate people who all communicate differently, you should be able to recognize when the conversation is crossing the line from constructive into circular.

Below, you'll find some of other familiar meeting templates Karen uses every day.

Karen Shih playbooks


Team leads can execute powerful guided sprint retrospectives and hit that.

Business review

Better understand how you're performing against your business goals.


Have actionable conversations with your team: review goals, share wins, get feedback, and surface bottlenecks.

Performance review

Get the best out of your team by running regular performance reviews

Strategic planning

Plan for the upcoming quarter alongside your team or cross-functionally

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