Lisa Su



Santa Clarita, CA


Lisa Su took over and performed one of the most miraculous turnarounds in tech, making AMD a titan in the tech hardware space.

After graduating from MIT, Su, now a PhD, started her professional career in the technical department at Texas Instruments Inc. She led teams in the Semiconductor Process and Device Center, a field in which she'd eventually become the preeminent authority.

Dr. Su's next milestone in her career was a 13-year tenure at IBM, where she held various leadership positions across departments and eventually ascended to a role as vice president of the Semiconductor Research and Development Center.

Before joining AMD, Dr. Su was senior vice president at Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., where she helmed three sometimes conflicting disciplines, including engineering, marketing and strategy.

She became chief technology officer at Freescale in 2007. She was responsible for the company’s technology vision and was strategically guided it into global dominance as the CTO.

She was/is ultimately responsible for what most consider to be the standardization of silicon technology and semiconductor production.

But there was a process and a calm behind all of this success. Her ability to champion good ideas, no matter where or who they came from, fueled almost every win.

Lisa Su playbooks

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Solve inter-personal issues across the organization in a way that's empathetic and effective

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Meet the team

Strengthen your company culture with every new hire.

Sprint planning

Effective sprint planning that checks all the important boxes

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