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Software developers, computer programmers, and ethical hackers are typically linked with hackathons. They've been utilized to drive company innovation for a long time by developing innovative technological solutions. They also help organizations raise brand recognition and find the top corporate personnel while interacting with the tech community.

Most significantly, hackathon project ideas are a great method for your IT teams to learn from others, in addition to being a creative platform for tackling serious societal challenges. If you're considering organizing one for the first time, we've put up a fast guide to corporate hackathon ideas to get you started in 2022.

What is Hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where programmers join together for a short amount of time to cooperate on a project, generally organized by a tech business or group. Because the activities are usually only twenty-four hours long or take place over a weekend, the participants work quickly and often without sleep to complete their tasks.

Hackathons are frequently competitive events in which a project must be finished in a short amount of time. Participants create software prototypes, such as web or mobile apps. Aside from the competition, many hackathons also include seminars, guest speakers, and the introduction of participants to experienced mentors.

Put simply, it is wise to come up with hackathon app ideas because it offers a learning experience for new developers as well as an opportunity for networking.

How to Come Up with Hackathon Ideas

If you’re wondering how to come up with internal Hackathon ideas, there are a few things to consider. To start, consider creating a pool. Create a pool of resources for inspiration if you don't already have one. This may be as basic as a list of interesting scripts, extensions and plugins, applications, APIs, repositories, and so on, and can be helpful for a variety of purposes other than hacking. Rather than trying to push items into your pool, you should aim to gradually expand it over time. However, if you're short on time, checking through your installations, tweets, browser history, and bookmarks can suffice.

You may start compiling a list of tools and ideas for this hack from here. If your hack team does this, set aside some time to go over them all together and come up with a solid plan. Don't get stuck on literal interpretations of current notions; instead, consider how new modifications and combinations can work for diverse situations and audiences, and go from there.

How to Select a Hackathon Idea

Once you have a group of hackathon ideas for mobile to consider, start thinking practically. Your chosen hackathon ideas for QA should be based on real-life problems that developers can relate to. What has lately irritated you? What complaints have you overheard from others? What about your day job in development irritates you? These are all excellent locations to look for ideas.

How to Write an Idea for Hackathon

The best way to write an idea for your upcoming hackathon is to eliminate formats that you and your developers are just not interested in. Remove formats you don't care about (bots, applications, websites, games, data mapping, mining, visualization, and so on), which can help you get a better sense of what you want to perform in seconds. The tone you're attempting to convey is the same. Will you be able to come up with a creative hack? Interesting? Funny? Helpful? What are all of these things?

How to Present a Hackathon Idea

When presenting hackathon ideas for payments, QA, and everything in-between in relation to IT, you’ll want to convince your team of two things: These ideas will bridge a gap and also follow current industry trends.

There are typically missing components or gaps when two or more services are utilized simultaneously. How may the link between these items be improved to increase value? This may be used in a variety of ways, including improving efficiency between social networking platforms and blogs, cross-device analytics and user monitoring, and establishing a strong tie between an app or plugin and a website.

Make sure your concept takes advantage of current industry trends when you pitch it. What's hot right now in the business, and how can you turn that into a day or weekend hack? Don't forget to think about timeless concerns like security, accessibility, and time management or remote team management, which are constantly in the limelight.

How to Submit an Idea for Hackathon

Verbalize your idea clearly. State the inspiration behind the hackathon idea, what developers will need to do to solve the problem, the potential solutions, and everything else needed to paint a clear picture of the hackathon idea.

Do Hackathons Need to Be Original Ideas?

Not necessarily. You can take inspiration from other existing HR hackathon ideas, such as what we’re going to list in this guide. However, try to put your own unique twist on it.

How to Set Up an Annual Idea Hackathon

To set up a great hackathon, make sure to follow these steps:

Any idea is welcome in a hackathon. Because of this freedom, your staff is able to be really creative and inventive. Anyone hosting a hackathon, however, should establish certain ground rules.

  • Make your ground rules. For example, we advocate limiting allowing teams of six or fewer people to participate in the hackathon, as well as no committing binaries to the repository or creating code for the hackathon project before a deadline.
    Choose your hackathon concepts.

  • Make a list of your judgment criteria. This will be determined by your workforce, company niche, hackathon concept, and other factors.

  • Make wise decisions regarding who you invite to the judges' panel.

  • Make sure the hackathon has a positive vibe. It shouldn't be stressful; this is meant to be a learning experience as well as a networking opportunity.

  • Ensure that the end event is a joyous occasion. Prepare food, think about entertainment, plan a class, and provide a networking opportunity.

19 Great Hackathon Ideas

The following hackathon ideas are tried and true. Many of the ideas we’ve listed have been implemented in some way. However, you can easily put your own unique spin on any of these hackathon ideas.

Here are some logistics to consider.

  • Invite people from all over your organization. Everyone has great ideas! Not just developers.

  • Select a condensed concept to work with. One day (and one long night) for hacking is on the short side, a whole week for hacking is on the long side.

1. Create corporate hackathons with a theme.

2. Apps that can assist college students should be included. Consider utilizing an app that can help students manage all of their challenges in college, such as obtaining an internship or a job, managing their lives and their studies, negotiating student loan debt, organizing their assignments, setting deadlines, and keeping track of their grades. This is one of the most beginner-friendly hackathon ideas.

3. Staying constant in your practice as a rookie coder might be difficult. Create software that sends you an SMS message every day reminding you to code that day.

4. Consider building a recycling-focused app if you're contemplating hackathon ideas for agriculture. You can seek strategies to improve garbage recycling or do a study on how to make a non-degradable product disintegrate.

5. The goal of a hackathon isn't usually to create anything new. Sometimes it's only a matter of honing your abilities. Make a website out of a vintage game, complete with a nice-looking user interface.

6. Allow participation from all departments.

7. Select a condensed concept to work with. One day (and one long night) for hacking is on the short side, a whole week for hacking is on the long side.

8. Create a video conferencing software for graph teaching.

9. We're in the midst of a cyber-crisis, particularly in the financial advice industry. Financial advisers frequently communicate confidential information over email, which is not safe. Create a Gmail plugin that alerts you when you appear to be transmitting critical information over email.

10. Nobody enjoys paying taxes. Build a software that can perform your taxes without requiring any input from the user. It might do so by harvesting your financial data and listening in on your text and phone calls to see whether you've relocated or married.

11. Allow people of varying degrees of experience to participate in the hackathon, which should be divided into groups.

12. Create an app that recommends outfits based on the weather. This is an excellent hackathon concept that might include API development.

13. It might be difficult to keep track of everyone in your life at times. You could design a bot that sends a lovely text message to your friends and family once a month for your next hackathon to let them know you are thinking about them.

14. Create your own virtual assistant. Siri is fine, however, there are a number of chores that Siri cannot assist you with. Make a list of them, and then create an assistant to help you with them.

15. Building a chatbot that can SMS your friends and family is another interesting bot concept. See how long your bot can keep them chatting without them noticing they're talking to a bot! This is particularly pertinent given that AI and automation are now a hot issue in the IT sector.

16. Make anything with augmented reality.

17. Create a program that phones you once a week and reads you a line from a famous TV show.

18. Hackathons are an excellent way to strengthen your team. Consider hackathons as a chance for people with various day occupations to collaborate and learn from one another.

19. Challenge your teams to create a facial recognition feature for a video streaming app.

How was our list of the best hackathon ideas for 2022? Tell us which company hackathon ideas you plan on implementing on this list in the comments below!

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