Learn how your team works best together

grok makes it easy to collaborate with deep understanding no matter where you're working from.


Fully automated templates

Choose from our library of custom grok templates, battle-tested in real collaborations across teams large and small. Each template is fully automated, breaking your conversations into clear sections and actionable talking points.

the grok itself

We catalog chat history and relevant links and documents from your objective-driven conversations, providing context for follow-ups and new grokers.

Metrics and reporting

Every time you grok, you'll receive a followup with insights about how your team works together. As you grok, you grow, and your collaboration skills wil improve dramatically.

Pre-built groks

Fully automated templates for meetings or conversations designed to drive productivity, boost engagement, and get the most out of every minute you spend working toward your goal. If you're new to grok, this is a great place to get started.

Google Calendar

Grok integrates with your Google Calendar

Outlook Calendar

Grok integrates with your Outlook Calendar

Meet less often

Share your expertise

Create repeatable, shareable groks

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