Let the data be your coach

No one likes negative feedback, so we take the emotion out of it, and lean on the numbers. Numbers aren't judging you, they just are.

Metrics and reporting

Every time you grok, you'll receive a followup with insights about how your team works together. As you grok, you grow, and your collaboration skills wil improve dramatically.

Pre-built groks

Fully automated templates for meetings or conversations designed to drive productivity, boost engagement, and get the most out of every minute you spend working toward your goal. If you're new to grok, this is a great place to get started.

Grok expertise from the best minds in business

  • Elon Musk
    Tesla, Founder and CEO

    Interview Engineers Like They Do At SpaceX

  • Bozoma Saint John
    CMO, Netflix

    Spark Diversity Conversations With ONE Question

  • Arianna Huffington
    Huffington Post, Founder

    Start 2022 With Purpose, Finish It Like A Leader

  • Marc Gauthier
    Head of Engineering, Back Market

    The ONLY Formula For Manager READMEs

  • Lisa Su
    AMD, CEO

    The Formula for Making Fear Your Greatest Asset

  • Gary Vaynerchuk
    VaynerMedia, CEO

    Ambition Needs Action! How To Just START

  • Satya Nadella
    Microsoft, CEO

    Make Empathy A Focal Point And Win Big

  • Steve Jobs
    Apple, Co-founder/CEO

    Run A Presentation People Talk About For Years

  • Karen Shih
    Calendly, Product Management Lead

    Run Meetings Like A Peacekeeper, Not A Pushover

  • Julie Zhuo
    Facebook, Former VP of Design

    Learn To LEAD people, Not Just Manage Them

  • Patty McCord
    Netflix, Chief Talent Officer

    Create Your Own Version Of "Patty’s Parting Questions"

Run Meeting with the world’s best

Start with a meeting playbook from one of your industry heroes, then learn to create your own productive 1:1s, post-mortems, onboarding sessions, and more.

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