We want to help you kill bad meetings, plain and simple. With collaborative agendas and detailed meeting measurement, you'll have all the tools you need to have more actionable meetings–and, most importantly, fewer of them.

Give the gift of context

With grok, you can save time and run more effective meetings, whatever your methodology. Include remote employees, collaborate across distributed offices, walk the board, and whiteboard or sticky note like a pro.

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Team leads can execute powerful guided sprint retrospectives and hit that.


Have actionable conversations with your team: review goals, share wins, get feedback, and surface bottlenecks.


These quick pulse checks will keep everyone on the same page, wherever they happen.


Drive accountability

Make sure next steps are accounted for and that follow-ups always hit the right inboxes. Leave every meeting with a clear sense of who's responsible for what.

Measure your meetings

Encourage team members to rate their meetings. Ratings are anonymous and used to produce data that helps meeting-runners, not hurt them.

Save time

Open up agendas to everyone, allowing people to add, view, and discuss agenda items before every meeting.

Give and get context

Open up agendas to everyone following people to add, view and discuss agenda items before every meeting.

Share individual progress

Simplify affirmation and recognition by letting team members share their wins and celebrate accomplishments.

Help others and get help when you need it

Provide a safe forum for your team, where questions are rewarded but not required.

Meet less often

Share your expertise

Create repeatable, shareable groks

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