Maximize employee engagement, reinforce company values, and create a working environment that's both productive and inclusive–while also saving time in the day to get work done.

A desktop companion to any idea or conversation that deserves results

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How grok works for leadership

Take a people-first approach to meeting culture. Leverage meeting templates to guide you through tough conversations and moments of celebration. Stay connected to your team without having to pack your schedule full of meetings, and boost engagement across your organization.

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Strategic planning

Plan for the upcoming quarter alongside your team or cross-functionally

Performance review

Get the best out of your team by running regular performance reviews

Conflict resolution

Solve inter-personal issues across the organization in a way that's empathetic and effective


Stay aligned

Facilitate cross-functional collaboration and alignment without having to work around each individual's schedule.

Build culture

Be intentional about creating an equitable and sustainable meeting culture.

Boost engagement

Shake up the status quo and keep your teams engaged with a variety of custom meeting templates.

Data-driven coaching

Help people become more effective managers through coaching that's driven by meeting data and reports

Stay in the loop

Auto recap lets you easily review key takeaways from meetings you couldn't attend

More focus time

Provide feedback asynchronously, sign off on decisions, and spend less time in meetings

Try grok

Go ahead, try Grok

Collaborate more effectively, meet less often, and get more done every day.


Each grok is desgined to achieve a specific objective. Groks are you knowledge building blocks.

Accessible everywhere

Grok is a desktop app, so it's always available for any idea or conversation that strikes.

Super fast

Create a plan for any idea or conversation in real time, as it's happening.

Level up your skills

Have a tricky challenge? Access thousands of expert playbooks, and learn new strateigies without interupting your work flow.

Context aware

Connect all the documents, conversations, and background info needed to achieve your objective.


Interact with your team in each grok, so you can stay focused on the objective and hit your goals.

What if expertise had an API?

Grok is a desktop companion for learning, sharing know-how, and producing outcomes.

What if expertise had an API?

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