People Operations

Keep your recruiting pipeline organized, up-level your knowledge management strategy, optimize onboarding/offboarding processes, and build a strong, people-first culture at your company.

How Grok works for People Ops

Whether your focus is on recruiting, knowledge management, or training and enablement, Grok lets you create a central knowledge hub that's easily accessible to employees whenever they need it.

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Meet the team

Strengthen your company culture with every new hire.

Training session

Make it easy for people develop new knowledge and skills.

Exit interview

Boost talent retention by getting honest feedback from departing employees.


Stay organized

Bookmark ongoing and important conversations with candidates and employees for streamlined communication

Manage your days

A variety of schedule views, all integrated with the calendar your already use

Stay connected

Get face time when you need it and keep communication lines open asynchronously in between

Share responsibilities

Collaborate with other people on things like recruiting, content creation, and more

Manage knowledge

Provide all team members with a central knowledge hub where they can find important company information

Simplify HR

Templates for effective onboarding, training, and more will cut down on planning time

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Collaborate more effectively, meet less often, and get more done every day.

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