Stay aligned and on task with playbooks for everything from sprint planning to retrospectives. Meet and collaborate with your team in whatever way works best, whether that's through chat, living documents, or live video calls.

How Grok works for Product

Collaborate easily across teams and functions, keeping action items, notes, and communications in a centralized, easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Automated templates for every project management methodology so you and your team can work the way you want or try out new methods.

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Sprint planning

Effective sprint planning that checks all the important boxes


Look back on the last sprint and discuss what worked and what needs to be improved upon


Show off your work to the team, leadership, or external stakeholders


Manage projects

Keep track of milestones, deadlines, action items and more, all in one place.

Meet your way

Create custom meeting templates tailored to your team and the way you work.

Collaborate efficiently

Eliminate unnecessary filler and get things done faster.

Progress updates

Instead of fielding status questions, let the team see your progress.

Collect feedback

Keep a record of all the feedback you receive throughout the year.

Easy housekeeping

Get pro tips and advice on how to follow best practices for product management and development.

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