Streamline internal meetings, coaching, and enablement with Grok's automated meeting templates. Use meetings as a time to build rapport with your prospects and easily pull insights later.

How grok works for sales

Connect with prospects the way they want to connect and build relationships faster by communicating through asynchronous chat that doesn't disappear.

Up-level your team with more effective enablement and coaching using automated playbooks built and optimized for high-performing sales teams.

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Sales coaching

Run dynamic, personalized coaching sessions to help your reps improve.


Drive more valuable conversations with prospects.

Business review

Better understand how you're performing against your business goals.


Stay organized

Keep meeting notes in one place, look back on past conversations, and never forget the important stuff

Come prepared

Everything you need to tell the right story and drive initiatives forward–all in one place

Save time

Carry over incomplete talking points and action items from previous team meetings

Fewer meetings

Share ideas and feedback with your team without having to call a meeting every time

Source of truth

Give your team a home base to revisit converations, plan meetings, and take notes

Stay on track

Keep your meetings on track with blocks of time for each item in your agenda

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Collaborate more effectively, meet less often, and get more done every day.

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